Renal tumors of childhood: biology and therapy

Pritchard-Jones, J.S. Dome (eds.), Renal tumors of childhood: biology and therapy. Pediatric oncology. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (2014)

  1. Epidemiology of renal tumors of childhood
  2. Genetic predisposition to Wilms tumor
  3. Clinical presentation
  4. Pathology of renal tumors of childhood
  5. Treatment of Wilms tumor in the children’s oncology group
  6. Treatment of Wilms tumor: the SIOP approach
  7. Treatment of relapsed Wilms tumor
  8. Imaging
  9. Biological prognostic factors in Wilms tumors
  10. Molecular-targeted therapy for pediatric renal tumors
  11. Surgical consideration for Wilms’ tumors and other neoplastic renal lesions
  12. Radiotherapy for Wilms’ tumor and other childhood renal cancers
  13. Late effects and QOL chapter
  14. Non-Wilms pediatric renal tumors
  15. Wilms tumor in countries with limited resources



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