BRAF targets in melanoma. Biological mechanisms, resistance, and drug discovery. Cancer drug discovery and development. Volume 82. Ed. Ryan J. Sullivan. Springer (2015)

As another attempt to improve adjuvant treatment for high risk melanoma, patients with stage IIIB and IIIC melanoma were randomized to receive either a combination of biologics (IFNα, interleukin-2) and chemotherapy (cisplatin, vinblastine, DTIC), so called biochemotherapy, over a 9 week period or standard high-dose IFNα in an intergroup phase III study organized by the SWOG [86]. This study showed a significant improvement in relapse-free survival for the biochemotherapy arm but no improvement in overall survival. Considering the added toxicity and expense associated with the intensive inpatient biochemotherapy regimen and the lack of impact on overall survival, it is unlikely that this regimen will see much clinical application.

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