Concluding remarks

Cancer immunology. Bench to bedside immunotherapy of cancersNima Rezaei (Ed.). Springer-Verlag (2015)

According to the CSCs theory, cancer is sustained by a small subgroup of self-renewing cells that exhibit stem cell-like properties such as asymmetrical division and ability to shuttle to a quiescent state. Despite their elusive nature, there is a growing body of data that accounts for their role in cancer initiation, progression, and resistance to conventional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Efforts are ongoing to deeply understand CSCs biology, to refine detection and to elucidate the complex network of interactions CSCs establish with their microenvironment.

A better knowledge of the mechanisms underlying CSCs peculiar behavior could help to target this cell population, their eradication representing a valuable strategy to overcome resistance to cancer treatments and to prevent relapse.

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