BRAF targets in melanoma. Biological mechanisms, resistance, and drug discovery. Cancer drug discovery and development. Volume 82. Ed. Ryan J. Sullivan. Springer (2015)

The diagnosis and treatment of patients with all stages of melanoma has continued to evolve over the course of the past century. Although until recently the most effective treatment approaches have been surgical, the greater understanding of the tumor microenvironment have led to advances in immune based systemic treatment options for patients with metastatic melanoma. The challenge now is to determine how best to use these agents alone, in sequence and in combination, how to predict patients destined to respond to therapies and determine timing and mechanisms of resistance and how to move these approaches into the adjuvant settings. In addition, considerable investigation is needed to determine how best to integrate these novel immune based therapies with the rapidly expanding knowledge of molecular changes within the tumor cells themselves and the treatment approaches being developed to target these oncogenic drivers that are described in this book.

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