Frontiers in cancer immunotherapy

Cancer Immunology. Bench to bedside immunotherapy of cancers. Nima Rezaei (Ed.). Springer-Verlag (2015)

  • Introduction
  • Innate cells as initiators of the adaptive immune response
  • Cellular immunotherapy
  • Active and passive immunotherapy
    • Active immunotherapy
    • Nonspecific immunotherapy
  • Stimulation of responses in vivo
  • Adoptive immunotherapy
  • Cancer vaccines
    • Dendritic cells
    • Physical barriers, tumor stroma and vessels
  • Mechanisms of tumor-induced tolerance/escape from the immune system
    • Treg cells
    • Myeloid-derived suppressor cells
    • Macrophages
  • Candidates for immunotherapy in oncology
  • Combination immunotherapy
    • Chemotherapy and mAb
    • Chemotherapy and Active Specific Immunotherapy
    • Chemotherapy and adoptive lymphocyte immunotherapy
    • Immunotherapy with radiation therapy
  • Humoral immunotherapy
  • Concluding remarks
  • References


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