Genetic stability and tumourigenic potential

Principles of stem cell biology and cancer: future applications and therapeutics. Edited by T. Regad, T. J. Sayers and R. C. Rees. John Wiley & Sons (2015)

1. Isolation and characterization of human embryonic stem cells and future applications in tissue engineering therapies

1.4. Future applications in tissue-engineering therapies

Antiapoptotic and proliferative selection pressures subjected to cells in culture can lead to the accumulation of genetic and epigenetic changes, which promote a phenotype analogous to that of a tumour cell. This process of culture adaptation is fully discussed in Section 1.3, but it should be noted that such changes present a significant barrier to the successful application of hPSCs in tissue engineering. If an adapted cell of this type were to be implanted into a person, there would be a significant danger of tumour formation. For this reason, any cell population that is used for such a purpose needs to undergo a thorough genetic analysis of the kind described in Section 1.3.


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