6. The role of epithelial –mesenchymal transition in cancer metastasis

Principles of stem cell biology and cancer: future applications and therapeutics. Edited by T. Regad, T. J. Sayers and R. C. Rees. John Wiley & Sons (2015)

Part II. Cancer stem cells

6.1. Introduction

6.2. Fundamental components of the cellular and molecular programme of EMT in cancer

6.2.1. EMT inducers

6.2.2. Core regulators

6.2.3. Effectors

6.3. The role of EMT in metastasis

6.3.1. Mesenchymal conversion and local invasion

6.3.2. Tumour cell intravasation and transport within the systemic circulation

6.3.3. Tumour cell extravasation

6.3.4. MET and metastatic colonization

6.4. Epithelial – mesenchymal plasticity

6.5. Association between EMT and CSCs

6.6. Role of hypoxia in the induction of EMT and in supporting metastasis of cells that have undergone EMT

6.7. EMT and resistance to cancer treatment

6.8. Conclusions. References


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