Cancer stem cells: emerging concepts and future perspectives in translational oncology (2015)



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Cancer Stem Cells_ Emerging Concepts and Future Perspectives in Translational Oncology ОБЛОЖКА

Sadegh Babashah (Editor)

Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015

ISBN 978-3-319-21029-2, ISBN 978-3-319-21030-8 (eBook)

Part I. The biology of cancer stem cells

  1. Cancer stem cells: a quick walk through the concepts
  2. Cellular plasticity, cancer stem cells and metastasis
  3. Cytokine networks and cancer stem cells
  4. Implications of CXCR4/CXCL12 interaction for cancer stem cell maintenance and cancer progression
  5. Non-coding RNAs in cancer and cancer stem cells
  6. Self-renewal pathways in mammary stem cells and carcinogenesis

Part II. Cancer stem cells in human malignancies

  1. Breast cancer stem cells
  2. Lung cancer stem cells
  3. Colorectal cancer stem cells
  4. Pancreatic cancer stem cells
  5. Glioblastoma cancer stem cells
    • Introduction
    • Emerging role of glioblastoma stem cells and the therapeutic challenges
    • Glioblastoma stem cells
    • Glioblastoma microenvironment
    • Therapeutic targeting of glioma stem cells
      • Targeting GSC surface molecules
      • Overcoming radiation and drug resistance
      • Targeting GSC signaling pathways
      • Notch
      • EGFR and PI3K/AKT
      • Shh
      • Ephrins
      • Induction of differentiation
    • Conclusion and future perspectives
    • References
  1. Head and neck cancer stem cells
  2. Leukemic and lymphoid stem cells
  3. Leukemic stem cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Part III. Novel approaches for targeting cancer stem cells

  1. Targeting key stemness-related pathways
  2. Targeting cancer stem cells and the tumor microenvironment
  3. Cancer stem cells and chemoresistance: strategies to overcome therapeutic resistance
  4. Cancer stem cells and tumor radioresistance
  5. Therapeutic implications of cancer stem cell: challenges and opportunities in translational studies

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