Systems biology of cancer (2015)

Systems biology of cancer-Cambridge University Press (2015)

Edited by Sam Thiagalingam.

Cambridge University Press (2015)

ISBN 978-0-521-49339-0

Part 1. Introduction to modular organization of the networks of gene functions and cancer »

  1. Systems biology of cancer progression
  2. Lessons from cancer genome sequencing
  3. Application of bioinformatics to analyze the expression of tissue-specific and housekeeping genes in cancer

Part 2. Alterations in the regulatory networks of cellular and molecular events »

  1. Events at DNA replication origins and genome stability
  2. Systems biology approaches bring new insights in the understanding of global gene regulatory mechanisms and their deregulation in cancer
  3. Regulation and dysregulation of protein synthesis in cancer cells

Part 3. Events responsible for aberrant genetic and epigenetic codes in cancer »

  1. Genomic instability and carcinogenesis
  2. Epigenomic code
  3. MicroRNA epigenetic systems and cancer
  4. Dietary and environmental influences on the genomic and epigenomic codes in cancer

Part 4. Functional networks of events that modulate phenotypic manifestation of cancer »

  1. Regulatory signaling networks in cell transformation and cancer
  2. RAS signaling networks
  3. PI3K pathway in cancer
  4. TGFβ and BMP signaling in cancer
  5. The Wnt signaling network in cancer
  6. Apoptotic pathways and cancer
  7. Molecular links between inflammation and cancer
  8. Cancer metastasis
  9. Cancer metabolism
  10. Tumor microenvironment: blood vascular system in cancer metastasis

Part 5. Current state of the evolving MMMN cancer progression models of cancer »

  1. Genetic alterations in glioblastoma multiforme
  2. Breast cancer
  3. The role of growth factor-induced changes in cell fate in prostate cancer progression
  4. Colon cancer
  5. Biology of human stomach cancer
  6. Pancreatic cancer
  7. Deregulated signaling networks in lung cancer
  8. Modular signaling in hematopoietic malignancies

Part 6. Applications of comprehensive cancer progression models in the fight against cancer »

  1. Role of network biology and network medicine in early detection of cancer
  2. Systems biology in cancer biomarkers for early detection, diagnosis, and prognosis
  3. Prognosis of cancer
  4. Cancer pharmacogenomics: challenges, promises, and its application to cancer drug discovery

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