Закрытие раневого канала

Renal cancer. Contemporary management. Editor John A. Libertino. Springer New York 2013


After hemostasis is confirmed, Gerota’s fascia is re-approximated. The specimen is extracted. Pneumoperitoneum is resumed and hemostasis is reconfirmed. A Jackson-Pratt drain is brought out through the most lateral port. All trocars are removed under direct vision. Local anesthesia is injected into each of the port sites. The extraction site fascia is closed with 0 Vicryl in interrupted or running fashion. The remaining 12 mm trocar sites are closed using Carter-Thomason device with 0 Vicryl. Skin is closed with Monocryl (Ethicon, Somerville, NJ, USA), and tissue adhesive can be applied if desired.


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