Breast cancer screening and diagnosis

Breast cancer screening and diagnosis. Mahesh K. Shetty (Editor). Springer (2015)

  1. Breast cancer genetics and risk assessment
  2. Screening for breast cancer
  3. Mammography techniques, positioning, and optimizing image quality
  4. Digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis
  5. Mammographic signs of breast cancer
  6. Probably benign abnormalities of the breast
  7. Breast ultrasound
  8. The basics of breast MRI
  9. Breast MRI for diagnosis and staging of breast cancer
  10. Optimizing mammographic screening and diagnosis of breast cancer
  11. Imaging of the symptomatic breast in the young, pregnant, or lactating woman
  12. Breast intervention
  13. Imaging pathological correlation in breast imaging
  14. Challenges in breast imaging
  15. Staging of breast cancer
  16. The postoperative breast
  17. The multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer management
  18. Design and operation of a comprehensive breast care center
  19. Emerging technologies in breast imaging


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