Resistance of cancer cells to CTL-mediated immunotherapy (2015)

Resistance to targeted anti-cancer therapeutics

Benjamin Bonavida, Salem Chouaib (Eds)

Springer International Publishing Switzerland (2015)

Part I. Factors regulating resistance to CTL cytotoxicity »

  1. Resistance of cancer stem cells to cell-mediated immune responses
  2. Role of co-inhibitory molecules in tumor escape from CTL attack
  3. Role of the non-classical HLA Class I antigens for immune escape
  4. Integrins: friends or foes of antitumor cytotoxic t lymphocyte response
  5. Cytotoxic T lymphocytes and their granzymes: an overview

Part II. Influence of the tumor microenvironment on the resistance to CTL cytotoxicity »

  1. Hypoxia: a formidable saboteur of the anti-tumor response
  2. Mechanisms and modulation of tumor microenvironment-induced immune resistance
  3. Evasion of cytotoxic lymphocyte and pulmonary macrophage-mediated immune responses in lung cancer

Part III. Resistance to Death Ligands-mediated apoptosis and sensitization »

  1. Sensitization of immune-resistant tumor cells to CTL-mediated apoptosis via interference at the dysregulated NF-kB/Snail/YY1/PI3K/RKIP/PTEN resistant loop
  2. Overcoming cancer cell resistance to death receptor targeted therapies
  3. Pancreatic cancer resistance to TRAIL therapy: regulators of the death inducing signaling complex
  4. Epithelial mesenchymal transition influence on CTL activity

Part IV. Future directions and challenges »

  1. Cancer induced immunosuppression and its modulation by signal inhibitors
  2. Quality of CTL therapies: a changing landscape

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