Targeting the cell cycle and p53 in combination with BRAF-directed therapy

BRAF targets in melanoma. Biological mechanisms, resistance, and drug discovery. Cancer drug discovery and development. Volume 82. Ed. Ryan J. Sullivan. Springer (2015)

  1. Introduction
  2. Cell cycle
    • Regulation of the cell cycle: cyclin dependent kinases
    • Regulation of the cell cycle: cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors
    • Regulation of the cell cycle: retinoblastoma protein pathway
  3. p53 pathway
  4. Abnormal p53 and cell cycle regulation in melanoma
    • Alterations in CDKN2A
    • Alterations in the p53 axis
    • Alterations in the Retinoblastoma protein axis
  5. Interaction of BRAF with p53 and cell cycle pathways in melanoma
  6. Therapeutic potential of BRAF inhibition in combination with modulation of p53 or cell cycle pathways
  7. Conclusions
  8. References

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