Multi­peptide cancer vaccines for clinical application

Tumor immunology and immunotherapy. Ed. Robert C. Rees. Oxford University Press (2014)

  1. Introduction: therapeutic cancer vaccines
    • HLA-mediated antigen presentation
    • The cancer immunopeptidome
  1. Tumor-associated peptides for vaccination
    • Advantages of peptide vaccines
    • Limitations of peptide vaccines
    • Tumor-associated peptides
    • Identification of peptides for vaccination
    • Clinical application of peptide vaccines
    • Combination of multiple peptides in one vaccine
    • Short versus long peptides
    • Immunomodulators for peptide vaccines
  1. Immunomonitoring of multi-peptide vaccines in the clinic
    • Site and time point of tissue sampling
    • Preparation of samples
    • T-cell response assays
    • Cellular biomarkers
  1. Novel multi-peptide vaccines
    • Vaccination with naturally presented multiple peptides
    • IMA901 renal cell cancer vaccine
    • IMA910 colorectal cancer vaccine
    • IMA950 glioblastoma vaccine
  1. The future of multi-epitope vaccines
  2. References

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